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Get stronger, pain free, and lose body fat while transforming the way you feel and move for good! Take the guesswork out of your training and get step by step instructions and videos. Learn how to progress safely and effectively while seeing the best results you have ever experienced! With a simple and sustainable nutritional and exercise philosophy that has worked for hundreds of others it will be easier than ever to stay consistent over the next 12 weeks. Watch your body and mind transform while doing Jolly Strong! 

What do you get when you buy this program? 

  • How to create a nutrition plan that works for you.

  • The best way to progress with strength training and how to properly use the sets and reps described in the program.

  • Sustainable cardio options that gives you freedom and requires less time than traditional cardio.

  • How to warm up effectively.

  • Step by step videos for each exercise with substitutions for some movements to allow for greater flexibility when training.

This program is 12 weeks total split into 3 x 4 week phases with only 3 strength training workouts per week. 

  • Phase 1 focuses on strength using the classic 5x5 approach.

  • Phase 2 utilizes pyramid training which will help ramp up both volume and intensity.

  • Phase 3 (MY FAVORITE) utilizes wave training and PAP (post activation potentiation) that will help you get amazing strength and muscle mass increases.

What do you need to get started?

  • This program "does" require access to a gym. The primary equipment will be barbells, dumbbells, cables, and some machines. There is no special equipment needed. 

  • You need a hard work ethic to succeed. 3 days per week of in gym workouts with cardiovascular workouts that are highly recommended but not required. 

  • The beginning of the program lays out nutrition, sets x reps, and proper warm-ups. Each exercise, once completed, provides a questionnaire to log weights into to track progress. 

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